Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of all people by preparing future leaders and scholars in the health sciences. Louisiana Association of Student Nurses is a statewide community enabling the transition of the student to professional nursing through leadership, education, mentorship, and stewardship.

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Christina Hebert, LASN Region IV Directo


"Southern California Native, relocated to Louisiana in 2018 to attend LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing and currently in my Junior year. Along with being a student, I am a mother of 2, military spouse, and an avid knitter. Looking forward to working in critical care once I graduate, and plan on furthering my studies with a Masters In Nursing Education." 


Vice President


"I am from Florida and attend LSUHNO School of Nursing. I am also in the Navy Reserves.  My area of interest for nursing is Pediatrics Hematology and Oncology"


Brittany Gorman

"I am an incoming Sophomore I Traditional BSN Nursing student at LSU Health Science Center School of Nursing in New Orleans, LA.  I live in Covington, LA by way of New Orleans, LA where I spent the better part of my life.  After obtaining my BSN I hope to make an impact through nursing practice and research in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology."



Region I Director


"Northwestern State University College of Nursing and Allied Health

Registered Nurse, Spring 2020 Graduate 

I love to cook!

I am working towards becoming a certified nurse midwife! I am totally in love with birthing, women's health and babies!"


Region II Director


Region III Director


"I am from New Orleans and graduated from Nicholls State University. A fun fact about myself is that I follow a pescatarian diet. Currently, I work on a med surg/ telemetry floor at West Jefferson Medical Center. Now being a nurse I love to help motivate and encourage our future nurses."

Region IV Director

Dnai Williams 

"I’m from New Orleans, La by way of Gonzales, La. I’m a senior nursing student at Chamberlain University New Orleans. After graduation I plan to continue my education to get a PhD in nursing research. I want to specialize in women’s health disparity research."



"I’m originally from Baton Rouge, but moved to New Orleans to attend LSUHNO’s nursing school. After 3 tiring but exciting years and a passed NCLEX exam, I’m officially a registered nurse! After graduation, I moved back to Baton Rouge to work in the CVICU at Our Lady of the Lake. I’ve always loved learning about the cardiovascular system and hemodynamics so this job is perfect for me. In the future, I hope to advance my education by attending CRNA school!"


Fundraising Coordinator


Horizon's Editor

Angelle Dartez 

"I'm a senior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette from Lafayette, LA. I would love to go into obstetrics and gynecology when I graduate!"

Information Technology Director

Erinisha Keller 

"I am from New Orleans, LA and attend

Chamberlain University College of Nursing. My interest in nursing is Trauma and Teaching"



"Directors. I am a Senior I Traditional BSN nursing student at LSU Health and
Sciences Center School of Nursing in New Orleans where I was born and raised. Being a nurse
has been my dream ever since I was a pre-schooler and I am so excited that I am so close to
realizing my dream"

BTN Coordinator

Katherine Scorsone

"I am a Nursing Student at Chamberlian University! When I graduate with my bachelor's, I plan on working at Ochsner while going back to school to get my Masters in Nursing. Once I have my MSN, I would love to teach at my university!"


Elected Consultant

Presidential Consultant

Kendra M. Barrier

"Kendra M. Barrier was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing and a Certified Nurse Educator, currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Student Services (2015 to present) for the Louisiana State University Health New Orleans Center School of Nursing.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2000), and a Master of Science in Nursing (2009) from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Nursing Education and Administration from Joseph and Nancy Fail School of Nursing at William Carey University (2016).

Dr. Barrier has experience in emergency, intensive care, quality management, and school nursing. She worked in the emergency department at East Jefferson General Hospital before returning to school in 2008. Shae taught Critical Care Nursing and was the Course Coordinator of Health Assessment before becoming Assistant Dean for Student Services"



LSNA Consultant

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