Are You Interested in Being a Delegate?

LASN needs delegates from each school of nursing's Student Nurses Association (SNA) to represent their school by voting on the 2021 Proposed Bylaw Revisions.

Delegates are active members of the SNA who must be in good standing with their school and association.

Please see the LASN Schools & Number of Delegates spreadsheet to determine the number of delegates we need from your school. 

The number of delegates were calculated according to NSNA standards and Article VI, Section 4 of LASN Bylaws as follows:

Each Constituent Association in good standing with both LASN and NSNA shall be entitled to delegates based on their total membership as noted:

●      25 members or less: One (1) delegate;

●      26 to 50 members:  Two (2) delegates;

●      51 to 75 members:  Three (3) delegates;

●      76 to 100 members: Four (4) delegates;

●      Over 100 members: One delegate for each portion of 25.

Contact LASN Parliamentarian, Tiffany, at
Read the LASN Bylaw Revisions 2021 here

Once you know how many delegates your school is allotted, follow the link to fill out their required information.

For more information on delegates, please see